Support Staff

Full Name


Mrs V Ahern

Administrative Assistant to Mrs Davis/Examinations Assistant

Mrs D Bakewell

Administrative Support Assistant

Mrs J Ball

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Bassett


Mr M Baxter


Mr J Beament

Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Brain

Finance Officer

Mrs A Bussey

Assistant Science Technician

Mr N Carr

IT Technician

Mrs V Cox

Teaching Assistant

Mr P Cumbers

Site Manager

Miss V Cumbers

Food Technology Technician

Mrs I Cunningham

Principal Finance Officer

Mrs J Dowse

Assistant Librarian/Admin Assistant for Publications

Mr S Elliott

Finance Assistant

Mr C Everson

Maintenance Assistant

Mrs M Faurie

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Featherstone

AEN Manager

Mr C Harwood


Mr D Hendrie

Assistant Site Supervisor

Mr P Jolley

Saturday Lettings Assistant

Miss L Littleboy

Senior Science Technician

Miss J Lobb

Technology Technician

Mrs A Marshall

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J May

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Murphy

Principal's PA

Mrs J Osman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Parsons

Admissions Officer/Cover Administrator

Mrs T Powell

Examinations Officer

Mr C Richardson

MLE/SIMS Manager

Miss L Ritchie

Attendance Officer

Mrs D Roberts

AEN Manager

Mr R Singh

IT Network Manager

Mr M Sims

Science Support Assistant

Mrs C Speed

Science Technician

Mr A Speer

Assistant Site Supervisor

Mrs J Stokes


Mrs D Thomas

Admin Assistant to Mrs W Day & SENCo

Mrs E Tubbs


Mrs L Whitaker

Teaching Assistant