Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 at Hurstmere

Hurstmere places a great importance on both the academic and pastoral transition that students make from primary school. Schemes of Work and lessons are planned to build directly upon the learning that has taken place in earlier key stages and, to that end, Key Stage 2 assessment information is an important resource. On Year 6 to 7 Induction days in July, incoming students undertake Cognitive assessment Tests which provide further diagnostic information to support teachers’ planning and subsequent assessment.

In each half-term students’ progress is assessed by close consideration of their work in ‘Key Pieces’ in every subject. Key Pieces are assessment activities that relate directly to the topic being covered, from which it is possible to assess how well a pupil has developed knowledge, skill or conceptual understanding and its application. Results from Key Pieces are used to inform individual students’ termly Tracking reports.

Students take formal examinations in each academic year – Years 7 & 8 in April, Year 9 in January.

In English and Mathematics, Hurstmere KS3 curricula are aligned with the programmes of study published by the AQA Examining board, in order to ensure continuity upon subsequent transition to GCSE. In other examined subjects the later parts of KS3 curricula usually contain subject-specific elements related to the skills relevant to and demanded by new GCSE syllabuses.

Further information on Hurstmere curricula is presented annually at the year group Parental Information Evenings, and can also be viewed on this website in the 'Publications and Presentations' section within 'Parent Information'.