KS3, Suggested Reading List: Summer Term,



Plot Summary

Reading Age / Interest Age

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

The Legend of Kevin

Max’s wish for an adventure comes true when a flying pony comes through his window. Mayhem and friendship creates a magical storm for a funny tale.

7+/ 7-11

Sonya Hartnett

The Midnight Zoo

WW2 Eastern Europe; Tomas and his younger brother Andrej, have fled their Romany encampment which has been besieged by the Germans; they carry Wilma their baby sister, in a sack. In an abandoned, bombed out town, the children discover a zoo.



Lois Lowry

The Windeby Puzzle

Readers are transported to the Iron Age where a boy and girl battle to survive. A blend of fiction and history which explores the life of a 2000 year old bog body.

10+/ 10-13+

Michael Morpurgo

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Washed up on a deserted island, Michael is lonely and scared. However, he soon discovers the island is not so deserted; a Japanese soldier also inhabits this island.

10+ /

10 - 14

Andy McNab

Boy Soldier

McNab draws on his vast SAS experience to write his exciting, part biographical account of his younger days in the SAS


Kwame Alexander


A talented football who has a linguistics Professor as a Dad. Stuck at home reading a dictionary for ‘fun’ allows his to charm the girl of his dreams. Throw in divorce, bullies and a rapping librarian means you are gripped from page 1!



N H Senzai

Shooting Kabul

Fadi’s parents decide to leave Afghanistan illegally. With the Taliban close on their heals on the night of escape, Fadi accidently lets go of his sister’s hand and loses her in the crowd. Swept up in to the truck, Fadi has to navigate life in the USA without his sister. How will he ever forgive himself. Will he ever see her again?


14 - 17