Put a Shirt on a Back' Appeal

As part of the 2011 tour to Zambia several students around the school were keen to get involved. Although they were not able to travel to Zambia, it was still possible for them to make an impact on the lives of the children in Zambia.

To find out more about the Tag Rugby Trust visit their website at:

One way this was achieved was for students to donate their old, unwanted football and rugby shirts. The response was fantastic with shirts being donated from various teams of differing sizes! This allowed us to take these shirts to Zambia and donate them to one of the poorest Community Schools we visisted, Sosco Community School. We were able to give each student in the school a shirt, which was greatly recieved.

Several local teams also donated full kits which we also took out to the various schools. The response was, once again, fantastic and we were able to give kits to a number of schools in the area. These kits will now be used as their school competition kits when competing against other schools in rugby and football. A huge thank you to all the teams who provided kits including Phoenix FC; Long Lane FC; Our Lady Youth FC and Footcray Lions FC.

There were kids with no shoes and in one classroom (less than half the size as the ones in Hurstmere) there were sixty children- three on a desk that should normally sit one. Also they were being served what looked like runny porridge- it was being slopped on their plate out of a rusty cup. The kids were eating with their hands and using sticks as spoons."Diary extract from one of the students who visited Zambia in 2011

Once again we will be aiming to take clothing to donate to students in Guardian Angels. The clothes can be of any size and of both girls and boys. As Guardian Angels is a charity run orphange, it has students of all ages. Please donate any unwanted baby clothes, toys and cuddly toys for the nursery section. All donations are welcome. 

Please send all donations to Hurstmere School, marked for the attention of Mr. Reddy. This is on-going project and not just for February 2012, so please bear this in mind when disposing of any unwanted clothing.

In February 2012 staff from Hurstmere will once again be visiting the same area of Zambia to maintain the links which have been established with both the community schools and Baobab College. The staff will spend the week teaching in some of the schools and also doing some rugby coaching in the Community Schools with students from Baobab College.