Pastoral Care

We take great pride in the quality of our pastoral care at Hurstmere.  We understand that every pupil is an individual and we work together to ensure that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We, as a pastoral team, work hard in the pursuit of excellence for every student within the school.

The team works closely with outside agencies, staff and parents alike in order to ensure our pupils are supported consistently throughout their time at Hurstmere. We do not just work with the pupils’ education but with each person as a whole; we aim to develop our pupils into well-rounded young men ready for the outside world once they leave Hurstmere.

Ofsted, 2014 confirmed the strong pastoral support within the school stating ‘Students’ enthusiastic involvement in everything the school has to offer is seen in their mature, courteous behaviour in the classroom and around the school as well as in their keenness to learn. Students are proud to be at the school. All students feel safe and valued.’

The Year System

The main aim of the Year system is to monitor the progress and welfare of every child in the school. It is also the basis for home/school contact.  All pupils are supported by their Form Tutor and Head of Year.

Each year group from 7 – 11, is made up of 8 form groups, and each form group belongs to one of the following houses: Caxton, Chaucer, Cobham and Sidney. Each form group nominates a School Captain, and each house nominates a House Captain. This gives the students the opportunity to represent themselves with a student voice, and the opportunity to belong to a positive community for academic and sporting events.

Students spend time with their form tutors for 20 minutes each day where form time is used in a productive way; ranging from reading, discussing the news, watching documentaries and taking part in quizzes.

Once a fortnight students will have a citizenship lesson which is delivered by their form tutor or Head of Year. Students have a very positive relationship with their form tutors and this creates an atmosphere of trust and open discussion when dealing with sensitive topics that citizenship can tackle.

Pastoral Staff

Vice Principal for Pastoral Care: Mr P Brown

Heads of Year:

Senior Leadership Team:

Year 7, Mr B Maher

Mrs S Bayer

Year 8, Mr G Joyce

Mr K Wadsworth

Year 9, Mr J Ball

Mrs S Gallagher

Year 10, Miss R Parris

Mr P Brown

Year 11, Mr A Davis

Mr P Bolter