Hurstmere School is a well-established and respected school for boys. The staff, parents, governors and most importantly, pupils are very proud of the school and its achievements. We are a Specialist Sports and Science Academy which brings enhanced sporting and educational opportunities to our boys and members of the wider Bexley Community. The last Ofsted inspection in March 2014 judged the school to be ‘A Good School'. It praised the leadership, the school’s curriculum and the positive relationships between staff, pupils and parents. Ofsted found that ‘Students’ enthusiastic involvement in everything the school has to offer is seen in their mature, courteous behaviour in the classroom and around the school as well as in their keenness to learn.

Students are proud to be at the school. All students feel safe and valued.’. Our committed and well qualified teachers challenge, offer encouragement and support to the boys to succeed wherever their abilities lie. We have a commitment to each boy entering the School: our aim is to provide an effective and relevant education to equip our boys with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will prepare them for their adult working life. We expect them to maintain a spirit of enquiry and to develop their independence so that they can look ahead with confidence to the challenges of the 21st Century.

Hurstmere School provides the full range of National Curriculum courses with additional subject options in Key Stage 4 leading to GCSE and vocational examinations. Continuity to higher and further education is provided through links with local sixth forms and further education colleges. Our boys benefit from a wide range of activities which enhance the curriculum and extend the learning beyond the classroom. The commitment of staff and the involvement of parents make school life more rewarding for all, and helps to develop the caring and challenging ethos. Once again, our results in GCSE this year have been excellent and stand the test of comparison with boys’ results in other similar schools in Bexley and beyond.  The location and extensive facilities of Hurstmere School have a positive impact. We hope you will visit the school during normal lesson time when you will see a purposeful and hardworking student body. There is a feeling of a community with high expectations and success at Hurstmere which is a forward looking, high achieving school. 

G C Stollery