Year 8


Year 8 consists of 217 students who are divided into 8 mixed ability form groups. We have a house system across the school involving 4 houses: Caxton, Chaucer, Cobham and Sidney. Each form is linked to a house and competes throughout the year in various events to gain house points for the overall house competition.

The pastoral team for year 8 consists of:

Line manager of year 8

Mrs Bennett – Vice Principal

Head of year

Mr Davis

Form Tutors

Caxton X: Miss Bradley

Caxton Y: Mr James

Chaucer X: Mr McNamara

Chaucer Y: Mr Bourke

Cobham X: Miss Clarke

Cobham Y: Mr Eiffert

Sidney X: Mr Syplywczak

Sidney Y: Mme Dielna

Staff can be contacted via the main school office on 0208 300 5665

Pupils in year 8 are supported in their learning with schemes such as Successmaker, Peer Mentoring, Accelerated Reading, Targeted Intervention Group (TIG), School Nurse, Educational Psychologist, student counselling and Maths and English tuition from Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar 6th form students.

Students who struggle to access the national curriculum are often monitored in their progress by their form tutor who monitors them on a form tutor report or by the head of year using a yellow HOY report. Pupils’ progress is discussed with the student at the end of each day to support them with their learning and resolving any issues that may have occurred during the school day. These reports are then taken home to gain support from parents on their son’s education.

SMH (Show My Homework) is a great tool for students and parents to find out what homework has been issued in which subjects. As parents you can support your sons learning by checking SMH regularly and speaking to him about ensuring this is done prior to the lesson.

At Hurstmere, we are a telling school and members of staff are only too willing to assist students in resolving any issues they have during their school day. Students can speak with their classroom teachers for issues that occur during lessons. During the 20 minute registration at the end of the school day, boys can also liaise with their form tutors and inform them of any issues they may have in the corridors, between lessons and to or from school. As teachers we can work with your son to get the best out of them, we ask that you support us in what we are trying to achieve and take an interest in what they are studying by assisting them in completing homework and resolving conflicts that may occur during the school year.

Remember “if we don’t know about it, we can’t help you deal with it!”

Last year students in year 7 participated in a whole school competition to create a rewards card that could be sent out to parents for the positive things they do as part of the year group. Designs from 5 students were chosen to be printed by Mr Davis and Mr Stringer. The winning designs are now available to form tutors who will distribute them this year to reward students’ efforts in lessons/form time/positive contribution to the year group/excellent behaviour around school/producing excellent work and showing the values expected at Hurstmere School.

Students are rewarded for their academic achievements with positive comments on SIMS and class charts while receiving credits via their personal credit card. The credit card system works well for students in year 8 and they are awarded certificates for their achievements at specific milestones. Once students have a full credit card (10 credits), it is signed by their form tutor and Head of Year (Mr Davis) this is then entered into a monthly draw. The draw takes place in the year group assembly: two students are selected by a member of the year group and can win vouchers that can be spent in shop or online by the winners. The more credits gained by each student increases their chance of success in the monthly draw.

Students who achieve 100% attendance through a term are issued with a 100% attendance certificate for this period. Those students achieving 100% attendance for the whole year have a certificate sent home to parents directly with these individuals attending a rewards trip for their continued effort to be in school for the duration of the year.

End of year trip
During the last week of the academic year we visited Mersea Island with 144 students who took part in various outdoor adventurous activities including: Rock climbing, Mountain biking, Kit car building, Quad bikes, Team challenges, High ropes/Low ropes, Archery, Zip wire, Caving and on the final day took part in it’s a knockout.

The students lived in 8 man tents for the duration of their stay and participated in evening activities run by the Hurstmere team that included: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket and beach walking.

All students were a credit to the school, challenging themselves in each activity the participated in and supported others who found these activities difficult. We had some amazing feedback from the instructors who commented on how well behaved the boys were, how polite and courteous they were to staff and others in their group.

A big thank you to all the staff who attended the Mersea Island trip, giving up their time and working hard with the boys to create a genuinely amazing experience for everyone involved with the trip.

At present it has not yet being decided if year 8 will participate in an activities week program in 2017. Should approval be given we would look to run a trip to Alton Towers Water park (first evening activity) 2 days in Alton Towers Theme park followed by a visit to the Cadburys factory. This would be a 4 day trip and is an excellent opportunity for students to gain confidence, independence and strengthen/develop relationships with peers.

Activities run in year 7

Last year was a busy time for the boys and many activities were organised and run by the school for the benefit of year 7 students. We participated in the First Give project which was run in Citizenship lessons. Students had to do research on local charities, make communication with them, visit them and feed back to the group via a 5 minute presentation. The whole year group took part in this project and 8 groups were selected from approx. 70. These 8 groups then presented in front of their chosen charities, school governors, SLT and parents. From this project the winning group were presented with £1000 to donate to their charity, 2nd and 3rd place received £250 for each of their charities.

We also had presentations run by Rose Bruford College, Local authority Police, Gideons, and Bexley Cycle safety team.

Extra-curricular activities
At Hurstmere School we have an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that are run at lunchtimes and after school. Most departments in the school have additional sessions that further engage students and developing their knowledge and understanding. These are a great way to learn more in a specific area and make new friends with similar interests. It is advised that all boys take part in some form of extra-curricular activity to develop their confidence, social skills and relationships amongst the year group.

Please be aware that should your son not be selected for a sports team from the trials at the beginning of the year, they should attend regular training sessions provided to gain access to teams representing the school.

Team Building Trips
During the year there maybe opportunity for your son to attend additional team building trips to enhance the positive relationships within the year group. This is a great opportunity for your son to make new friends with similar interests as themselves. These activities will involve: Karting/Bowling/Laser tag/mini golf.


Year 8 Class Charts Date  
4TH- 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12th Sep 2017 Download