Year 9


Year 9 at Hurstmere School for Boys is a key period of transition.  This year of your son’s school career is an important one, where both he and his peers are no longer junior members of the school community, but responsible young men who are beginning to consider their futures in further and higher education, and career path.  Our aim is to prepare students in Year 9 for the challenges and hard-work required in years 10 and 11, and to continue to lay the foundations for success in their forthcoming GCSEs.

Our priority is to maintain the expected standards relating to effort, attainment, attendance and uniform that are established throughout Key Stage 3.  Our hope is that our students will take pride in their achievements as they continue their development within our school community.  Students at Hurstmere are encouraged to understand the application that is required to be successful in their academic endeavours, as well as acting as positive role models for students in years below.

Outside of our core focus on numeracy and literacy, we aim to give boys at the school the opportunity and motivation to succeed in all aspects of the curriculum.  Be this within the creative arts, sport, design, ICT or languages we firmly believe that at this stage in their school careers, students’ aspirations are encouraged both in the classroom and through the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities which will equip them with both the confidence and capabilities required to flourish in their future pathways.

Enquiries relating to your son’s progress and attainment should be directed towards his form tutor, who will remain the first point of contact for information throughout this year.  We regard timely and accurate home/school communication as crucial to your son’s continued success in Year 9, and appreciate the ongoing support you provide as parents or carers. 

We also appreciate that some students require additional support and motivation depending on their individual strengths and personal experiences.  Staff at Hurstmere school work together to ensure that your son’s individual educational requirements are catered for, and to support them with the changes and challenges which they are faced with as young teenagers. 

Our focus is on assisting your son during Year 9 by continuing to identify and support their strengths, as well as offering appropriate additional help where required.  The safety, well-being and happiness of our students is paramount to staff at our school, and we sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy seeing your son grow and develop in an environment where he will be challenged, supported and ultimately successful .