Year 7

Welcome to the year 7 section of the school website.

Year 7 pastoral team

The year 7 team is led by the Head of Year Mr G Joyce and the Assistant Principal Ms S Bayar. The year group contains 222 pupils divided up into 8 tutor groups, each one led by a form tutor.


Every pupil is also a member of one of the 4 Hurstmere Houses, Caxton, Chaucer, Cobham and Sidney.

Year tutors are:

Caxton x        Mr Baston

Caxton y        Mme Marchioni

Chaucer x     Miss Cheema

Chaucer y     Mr Giddings

Cobham x     Ms Sporidis

Cobham y     Mr Morrison

Sidney x        Mrs Odufote

Sidney y       Miss Warren / Miss Stock

Every member of the year 7 team can be contacted via the main school number 0208 300 5665.

The importance of making a good start

Year 7 is an important time as pupils make the transition from Primary to Secondary school. During year 7 pupils will have the opportunity to partake in a range of activities to help them settle into their new school. To assist with this it is crucial that pupils make a good start and an good first impression. They can do this by being punctual, always being prepared for their school day and remembering the ‘ritual of manners’ that we have at Hurstmere School.

Extra curricular activities

The school provides a wide range of activities outside of conventional classroom time and it is important that pupils make the most of the opportunities on offer. This helps pupils to settle in, make new friends and develop their social skills. Activities take place at lunchtimes and after school and timetables are available in every classroom. It is recommended that all pupils take part in some form of extra curricular activity to help them feel a part of their new school.

Achievement and rewards

Pupil achievements are recognised and rewarded in a number of ways in year 7. All pupils are able to receive ‘Classcharts’ for their achievements which are noted on an electronic system. This new system called Classcharts was introduced September 2017. Classcharts have been used to monitor pupils within lessons. The cumulative scores are then used to support the reward system within the year group, with certificates, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, being sent home, as well as their names being entered into a half termly prize draw. We will be displaying and recognising the efforts of each week’s “Top Ten”. The top 20 for a set period of time will be invited on a reward trip. Pupils can also receive points towards the annual House competition. Be sure to look out for opportunities throughout the year to contribute to the success of your house. Pupils in year 7 can also receive letters and praise postcards from teachers and their tutor for their efforts.


Staff at Hurstmere are here to support pupils as they make their way through the school. We offer a range of support from informal discussions with pupils to more structured interventions such as peer mentoring. We are eager to help our students and rely on open communications to ensure we can quickly deal with any issues that may arise. Please contact your son’s form tutor in the first instance if you have something you wish to discuss with us.

Home school contact

Every pupil is issued with a school planner at the start of the academic year. This is an excellent resource for pupils to keep themselves organised. It also is a useful vehicle for maintaining close contact between home and school. Teachers may use the planner to communicate with you and you are of course welcome to do the same. Please ensure you check and sign your son’s planner at LEAST once a week. All members of staff can of course be contacted on the main school number.

Important dates for year 7

Parents Information Meeting is 27/09/18

Welcome Evening Date is 08/11/18

Year 7 Parents Evening is 21/02/19

Mr G Joyce

Head of Year 7