School Games


The School Games is a government initiative to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport. Hurstmere School host one of the Bexley School Games Organisers, Miss Allsop who works with Primary and Secondary Schools across Bexley to support the delivery of the School Games competitions and Change4Life Sports Clubs. The two key focuses are competition and participation.


The School Games are made up of four levels of activity with schools being involved with levels 1 to 3: Level 1 - competition in schools, Level 2 – competition between schools, and Level 3 – regional competitions. The School Games is all about being the best you can be. The world is a competitive place with challenges and pressures on all our lives to stand out from the crowd or to be successful. What better place to learn then the lessons of what it takes to be your best, to be creative and to accept winning and deal with losing than school sport? To help with this, there are a set of values developed by young people called the Spirit of the Games. The values are self-belief, honesty, teamwork, respect, determination and passion.



In order to provide more competitive sporting opportunities, a key focus is to give more young people responsibility within sport. Whether it is as a player, reporter or official, the School Games provide an excellent opportunity for all young people to make a positive and active contribution to their school. Sports Leadership plays a vital role within the School Games and Hurstmere Sports Leaders are trained to support the running of a number of the Primary and Secondary School Games competitions and festivals, this not only provides a workforce for borough competitions but provides our boys with important life and employment skills.

Whilst we can offer more competitive sport opportunities to a greater number of young people, there are often more difficult to reach groups that are not interested in participating in traditional sports or activities. The Change4Life sports clubs programme supports young people to explore different types of activities and to engage with the School Games through an alternative route. There is something for everyone with a focus on inclusion. Hurstmere’s School Games Organiser works with Primary Schools to establish Change4Life Clubs for the least active young people by providing training for teachers, TA’s and young leaders.

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