Sports College

Hurstmere image gallery 11The Sports College seeks to raise standards of achievement in Physical Education and Sport for all students across the ability range. The motivations derived from school sport shall be used to promote students and school improvement across the curriculum.

The College and its constituent schools seek to be a regional focal point for promoting excellence in physical education and community sport, extending links between families of schools, sports bodies and communities, sharing resources, developing and spreading good practice. We seek to provide a structure through which young people can progress to careers in sport and physical education, or simply be lifelong sporting participants and spectators. The Sports College will increase participation in Physical Education and Sport for all pre and post 16 year olds and develop the potential of talented performers.

The Sports College is:

  • Developing the skills and understanding of teachers and make imaginative use of new technologies as a means of raising the quality of teaching and learning in PE.
  • Extending provision and facilities to benefit all students of all sporting abilities, whilst also giving those with the greatest potential, opportunities to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.
  • Supporting the Government's aspiration for all young people to have two hours high quality PE within and outside the curriculum.
  • Working with other schools and the wider community in developing and sharing good practice, facilities, human and other resources with a view to improving learning opportunities for all.
  • Involved in national initiatives and competitions that enrich provision in PE and Sport for their own pupils and those in their partner schools.
  • Working with the School Games Organiser to make sure all pupils at Hurstmere and its surrounding schools have access to the various levels of competition  included in the School Games Initiative, and continue to work with Sports Development and other wider community groups to increase the provision of sport in our local community.